Idan Vidoser Discusses the Impact of COVID on the Stock Market

Idan Vidoser

November 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Had a Major Impact on the Stock Market and Idan Vidoser Is Here To Review It

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone. This is a disastrous public health emergency that has also led to an economic crisis as well. With the rising economic problems on top of the medical uncertainty, it is easy to see why mental health issues have spiked. Idan Vidoser is here to take a closer look at the impact the pandemic has had on the stock market and what this means for the average person who might have some of their wealth invested in the market.

Idan Vidoser Reviews the Early Tumble of the Stock Market

Idan Vidoser noticed that the stock market took an early dive just like everyone else. In the United States, the stock market tumbled about 30 percent in March. This led many people wondering what this might mean for their assets. In the span of just a few weeks, the stock market had erased almost all of its recent gains. Therefore, Idan Vidoser knows that many people instantly got worried about their assets. For those who needed their money soon, they were worried that they might be about to lose everything. Then, everything changed. 

Idan Vidoser Talks About the Impact of the Stock Market’s Revival

Idan VidoserIdan Vidoser noticed that the stock market recovered relatively quickly as well. In April and May, the stock market turned around quickly. At the same time, Idan Vidoser is not ready to declare victory just yet. Even though the stock market has recovered, the employment numbers are not necessarily better. While the unemployment rate is dropping, this could also be because people are simply not looking for work right now. Therefore, many people are worried that the stock market is just being propped up by the lower interest rates of the Federal Reserve. Time will tell when it comes to the stock market recovery and what this means for the financial markets in the future.

Idan Vidoser Explores What This Means for Individuals with Retirement Aspirations

Finally, Idan Vidoser knows that the average person who is invested in the stock market has done so out of an interest in their retirement portfolios. Therefore, many people are wondering what the volatility in the stock market means. First, Idan Vidoser wants everyone who is younger to know that they have time to make their money for retirement and that they should not worry that much about short-term volatility. In the long run, the S&P 500 is undefeated. On the other hand, those who are planning on retiring in the near future might want to adjust their portfolio now and consider moving more of their assets from stocks to bonds. This can help everyone set up for retirement.