Idan Vidoser Discusses How Quality Sleep Can Affect Your Overall Health

Idan Vidoser

December 8, 2020

Idan Vidoser recently discussed how quality sleep can affect your overall health.

Health is a major topic of concern right now. The year 2020 has redefined the way we think of our health and has forced us to adopt new health habits. Many of us have become fearful of the coronavirus pandemic and stressed or anxious about what will become of our jobs, finances, and future plans should the pandemic continue for an extended amount of time. Idan Vidoser recently discussed how quality sleep may be the solution to many of our stress and overall health issues.

“Many people think that when they deprive themselves of sleep it’s because they’re working hard to be successful,” Idan Vidoser said. “However, a lack of sleep can often cause major harms to our health, leaving us too tired or sick to work or attend to other life obligations.”

Idan Vidoser explained that sleep plays an essential role in health and well-being. Getting quality sleep can lead to a higher quality of life, superior mental health, and better physical health too. Idan Vidoser added that when you’re sleeping, your body is working to maintain quality physical health and healthy brain function. For teens and children, sleep can provide the means for proper development and growth.

Idan Vidoser

“During sleep, your brain creates new pathways that allow you to remember information the next day and learn new information too,” Idan Vidoser. “A good night’s sleep can improve how you make decisions, how you pay attention, and how you think or act creatively.”

Idan Vidoser added that physical health has been a major concern in the year 2020, and sleep can do a lot to benefit this as well. He stated that sleep deficiency that occurs for an extended amount of time can increase the risk of kidney disease, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. Ivan Vidoser added that quality sleep maintains a healthy hormonal balance. An imbalance of the ghrelin and leptin hormones that make you feel hungry or full can lead you to feel more hunger when you’re tired. Such an imbalance can lead to obesity in all age groups.

“Many people forget that being fatigued can lead to safety issues,” Idan Vidoser said. “A lack of sleep can lead to an inability to function properly, which can put you in dangerous situations, whether you’re driving, using potentially dangerous tools at work, or caring for your family.”

Idan Vidoser closed by explaining the average adult of 18 years and up should sleep seven to eight hours per day. He added that losing the proper amount of sleep can add up over days, resulting in a higher chance of mental and physical health issues. Long-term sleep loss can greatly affect your affect your health negatively. However, Ivan Vidoser added that long-term quality sleep can benefit a person in countless ways.