Idan Vidoser Discusses Bitcoin And Other Green Technology Investments

Idan Vidoser

January 6, 2021

Idan Vidoser recently discussed the benefits of bitcoin and other green technology investments. 

MAPLE, ONTARIO, CANADA / Making sustainable, or green, investments is the future of personal and commercial finance. Bitcoin and other green technology has been at the center of the sustainable investment topic. Commercial investor Idan Vidoser recently discussed how bitcoin and its underlying technology the Blockchain can be used to create a more sustainable society and greener planet.

Idan Vidoser explained that the Blockchain technology between cryptocurrencies and other green technologies is what has the ability to streamline businesses and make them more sustainable. Blockchain technology has the ability to handle validating, accounting, tracking, and connecting nodes within a network. The technology’s ability to handle all processes provides a new level of transparency and efficiency for a variety of industries. 

“We’re seeing Blockchain technology changing industries by allowing them to remove costly middlemen,” Idan Vidoser said. “This results in numerous benefits for the business, the consumer, and the planet.”

Idan VidoserIdan Vidoser explained that revolutionizing databases could be a major step toward saving the planet, and investing in such technologies can allow you to play a role. Blockchain technology greatly promotes the reuse of goods, reduction of waste, and regeneration of natural systems. For instance, Blockchain technology is currently using artificial intelligence to power a price index that aims to extend the life of luxury products. Idan Vidoser explained that luxury products are some of the most wasteful, as they use the most resources and are replaced more often. 

“The luxury goods and fashion industry account for roughly 10 percent of carbon emissions around the world,” Idan Vidoser said. “Blockchain technology could be what finally diminishes that number.”

Idan Vidoser explained that the benefits of Blockchain technology will extend far beyond the luxury market. The internationally open database will become a worldwide system for digital assets. It will allow people to extend the life of the goods they use, getting maximum worth out of them. Idan Vidoser explained that Blockchain technology saves time and money, which also has the ability to save the planet. 

“Carbon emission is something that needs to be greatly reduced,” Idan Vidoser said. “Investing in Blockchain and other green technologies can help do just that.”

Idan Vidoser explained that Carbon Credits have been created to incentivize businesses to use more sustainable operational practices. Carbon Credits have since become a $52-billion market. Carbon Credits show the true potential of investing in green technology, and Idan Vidoser hopes everyday investors will begin to see the value as well.

“Green technology is the future, and it could be what saves our planet from the harmful effects of climate change,” Idan Vidoser finished. “Start doing your investment research to get in at the beginning.”